ERM Treatment

Herbal therapies antitoxins, also of common and regular use, contain many herbs that are proven help inhibit tumor growth and metastasis. The seaweed and the Scoke are among the herbs known for its antitumor action in TCM. In the United States or Europe, it is rare that a person with cancer receive treatment only with ERM, while many practitioners and TCM doctors affirm that TCM can treat cancer without combining it with other kinds of medicine, often with great success there where the Western allopathic medicine has been able to do nothing. Gunnar Peterson has much to offer in this field. <>. When used in combination with chemotherapy, the Chinese Pharmacopoeia can control and minimize the side effects of chemicals and may increase the therapeutic effect.

The herbs also increase the functions of the immune system in case be depressed by the application radiation. In China, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are considered viable treatments for benign and malignant tumors by doctors trying to integrate Eastern and Western methods. <>. And of course, the MTC is the best method to prevent and cure really basic imbalance which causes the pathology in the first instance. Many practitioners in China are convinced that the best results are obtained by combining both medicines in a coordinated <>which includes a controlled diet, herbal treatment, exercises, Qigong or Taiji, and acupuncture. In TCM, cancer, like all disorder, is considered to be a manifestation of an underlying imbalance. The tumor would be <>, not the body or the root of the disease.

Each patient can have a kind of energy imbalance (Qi) different, which causes that externally could be the <>type of cancer, according to Western medicine. Each person, according to the MTC, is unique, so the doctor of TCM will attempt to find the pattern excess, empty or blocking specific for each patient, which is the fundamental cause of the disease. Doctor of Chinese medicine will then treat the imbalance and not the condition, which can be <>, <>, or <>, or <>, or <>, etc. The treatment prescribed will vary depending on specific unbalance of each patient. Studies on therapy Fu Zhen in the United States and China have proved to be of great value in the treatment of a wide range of disorders that involve the immune system, including cancer, leukemia, AIDS, arthritis and the Epstein-Barr virus. Furthermore, in laboratory studies, has been tested that Fu Zhen therapy prevents the growth of transplanted tumours. The most admired tonic blood known in China, and the Middle East in general, the Tang kuei (Agelica Sinensis), has been used in China to treat esophageal cancer and cancer of liver for years, and with excellent results. This same herb, used with vaginal douche (sometimes in combination with other agents therapeutic Chinese), has also been used to treat cases of cancer of uterus and, to a lesser extent, the breast cancer with high percentage of success. In Japan, the formulas of Chinese Pharmacopoeia are packaged and presented in form standardized to the public. Kanpo, the Japanese version of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, has proven to be a cancer with a high percentage of successful treatment.