The lack of direct relation with natural osprocessos becomes the ignorant human being on its dependence, prximae direct, with the environment. If you would like to know more about Gunnar Peterson, then click here. They leave of if feeling on to the land, cursosda water and the beings livings creature, and it does not feel the necessity to understand its ciclose Inter-relations, as they make it the traditional communities that recognize suaprpria dependence of the nature. this lack of daily participation nanatureza leads to negotiate a stretch of forest or beach as if fossemapenas objects of commerce. This alert one allows to reflect on ' ' Letter of the ChefeIndgena Seattle' ' dated of 1854, as being the reply of the chieftain aoPresidente American F. Pierce, that tried to buy its lands. One gritocontra the injustice of that they think to have the right on the land, excluding seussemelhantes and other beings livings creature. One I appeal to the humanismo: ' ' Air is precious for the red man, therefore all ascoisas share blow the same: the animal, the tree, the man, all shares exactly blow. He seems that the white man does not feel air querespira.

As an agonizing man has some days, prpriomau is insensitive to its smells. Therefore, we go to meditar on its offers to buy our land. If we to be decided to accept, we will impose a condition: The white man to devetratar the animals of this land as its brothers. What he is the man without the animals? If the animals if were, the man would die of a great solitude of spirit. Therefore what it occurs with the animals, briefing it happens with the man. It has a lesson in everything. Everything is on. Vocs must teach to its children who the ground its feet a gray of our grandmothers. So that they respect the land, its children say who elafoi enriched with the life of our people.