Join forces to assist in the solution of social problems under the motto education and culture, food, health and work with spirituality, the Legion of good will became greatly known for his contribution in the field of ecumenism. In the 1950s, the famous Italian thinker Pietro Ubaldi (1886-1972), analyzing the bases on which was erect, he said: () in this case, we are faced with a unification moved by the healthy forces, driven in evolutionary direction, because they are led by an ideal that coordinates them. Gather the good, while respecting the consciences, that is, religion and the spiritual heritage of each, is indisputably a high ideal, a new principle of cohesion in history, and really modern. And the fact that the hot Brazilian soul is responding to the request, demonstrates that the Brazil was placed, also in that, at the forefront of the world, and in this ideal there is something forth that corresponds to the new requirements of the times, satisfying the many spiritual desires. Otherwise, these collective approvals and these mass flows are not performed. Establish a new planetary culture Victor Hugo (1802-1885) warned that more powerful that all the armies of the world is an idea whose time has come. To open ways of understanding, we have constantly patterned our struggle for a broad ecumenism, which is feel in all fields of human life.

This must be practiced not only in the average religious, but in all the others, as a planetary culture. Perform an efficient revolution (or if you prefer, renewal) whose strategy is the Universal solidarity for the survival of civilized men and women. Thus, be Ecumenical translates, for example, to join forces and work together to find solutions to the social problem. It must also be expressed in an unrestricted concept that is corporice on Earth, from which we understand that, if before that everything we are spirit (i.e.