Document Management

MultiArchive in use at the j. Connect with other leaders such as Daryl Katz here. & A. Bardsley GmbH j. and A. Burghaus GmbH in Wenden in North Rhine-Westphalia, is a specialist in casting products made of aluminium and zinc in small and medium series. Developed from a small family company 50 years ago, Castle House is an important niche in this area and to a technologically modern company today with over 40 employees grown. Interest in continuous process optimization focused on Castle House in 2002 with the advantages of a document of management system and was far ahead of so many large corporations and medium-sized companies.

The decision was made on MultiArchive because the solution on an IBM iSeries runs and offers a modular system, with the Castle House can grow as needed. Continue the implementation of simple and intuitive, important points for Castle House convinced, since the introduction and adaptation of MultiArchive largely with the know-how at home should be. The integration in the DKS financial accounting and the proprietary inventory management on the iSeries, was by the about 140 open interfaces of MultiArchive easy and feasible without significant expenditure of time. It was initially classical logical management of iSeries printouts and all electronic objects such as Word, PDF and Excel in the archive started. In the next step, also here the email archiving at Castle House was realized the trend ahead. Emails archived from Outlook be found without delay, can be recovered and sent back. The process-oriented work of the MultiArchive WebClient and thus followed by associated, the electronic processing of incoming invoices. Working with scanned documents is transparent, fast and logged. The Web-based workflow, create important open spaces in the Administration and ensure easy and smooth motion. The electronic mail Inbox now replaced the distribution of paper documents in the company, reminiscent of maturities and always allows an overview of where and with what status is the documents to be processed.