Discover Your Mission

Understand our mission is a difficult task because we are normally more concerned to society, to our family, please couple ourselves, influences will always exist, and some of them may be positive but to discover what we can contribute to this beautiful universe it is necessary to go inside our hearts. Currently many lives do not enjoy full, love, peace and prosperity because other people influenced and to some extent imposed ideas on others, the adaptation in humans is surprising, sometimes people confuse some level of adaptation with the search of big dreams. In the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt is said the great importance of discovering ourselves, lest we think we did or not in the past or where we are now, we planted only having to be in full harmony with ourselves. Analyze carefully what you are currently doing and answer the following questions do you feel satisfied with the work?, does each do day rises with great spirit and enthusiasm to undertake the work of that day?, if it is in their activities or even feel time due to the emotion that involves being in such work?, looking constantly improve in order to give every day more than itself?, do you feel that if they remove that work nearly I would die? These few questions may already speak much of you regarding what has currently chosen to do. If the previous questions you answered Yes, then congratulations, you is where it should be, has discovered his mission and is bringing great things to life, you enjoy to the fullest its work, go ahead, that each day may be best contributions because you are in tune with the creative energy of the universe. From experience I have discovered that a large number of people do not feel satisfaction with the work being undertaken by going to their jobs feel enormous pressure, they are desperate because the departure time arrives, each difficulty that must be resolved is Returns a nightmare, etc.