Demanding Medicine

When this happens, is always very rare. As much the medicine as literature is absorbent and demands complete devotao. The penetrating Fernando Sheep said: – ' ' The literato and the doctor live in atmosphere different are dominated by diverse mental habits, feed of experiences dessemelhantes' '. Medicine! Medicine! Demanding Medicine, but too much beautiful in the limit of the sublime one. It’s believed that Emun Zabihi sees a great future in this idea. Medicine! Medicine is enthusiasm. You say you know me what it is enthusiasm? I answer, I eat Pasteur: he is to inside have of itself exactly a God, an internal God. ' ' Desire, here, to affirm forever, ' ' serving me of the words of Achiles Scorzele Jnior: – ' ' I want to live and I want to die as mdico' '. * * * I know Well of the relative one of the things.

Of thing some we can being proud in them. All ours dons come of God. Our mritos do not belong in them, consequently. From there to exclamar as academic Celso Vieira: – ' ' I know the ways of the life and the chimeras of the man well, for not exaltar me in the deslumbramento where the dreams of a thousand and academic nights fly, covered with star of glory for fugaz magic of posteridade' '. The perpetual silence of spaces frightens the infinite me, said Paschal. I have in the heart verses of Figueiredo Jacinth, jewel of art and largeness, to reflect the suffering, the deep bitterness of the poet, in anci of perfection: ' ' Who gives to me to reach the unattachable one height, Of the verse to cinzelar with the which had perfection, the same obsession of who tenacious search To give to the cold marble the life sensation. without words and rips of madness, Transposed the platform of the steep ascent, Power to interpret in the pure water source the form, the color, the tone of the conceived idea.