Square round Mantelera, mantelera, mantelera of all the colors, with cubremanteles adapted for the combinations, mantelera white, repasadores of all type, napkins. The suitable variety: fine set of dishes, porcelain set of dishes, more informal set of dishes, with guards in gold or silver, round, octagonal, smooth set of dishes of porcelain, plates, plates with guards and reasons, plates of average quality or intermediate, economic set of dishes, for occasions plates of wood, glass, metal or metalists; there will be plates for main plate, plate of lunch, plate for desserts, and tacit for coffee in his qualities several from the fine one to the economic one. Places setting of entrance, places setting for main plate, dessert spoons, coffee and tea, the qualities go from fine quality, average quality or intermediate, to the economic one, corresponding with the set of dishes, knives, possesors, spoons, tweezers for ice, tweezers for salads, places setting type FACA, knives and shovels to serve cakes, among others utensillos. Fine glasswork, economic glasswork, wine glasses, glasses, water glasses, glasses of champagna, glasses of average quality, jars stop to serve to soda waters and juice, you have glasswork from facetada in gold, silver, to transparency. Furnaces, portable stoves, freezers, refrigerators, refrigerator chambers, mud grills, barbecues, furnaces, electrical, utensillos furnaces of kitchen, trays, bols, stainless jars, paneras, champagnera, trays of metal, trays of overwhelm, crystal sources stainless steel sources, cutlery of kitchen, clothing of kitchen. It will be good that you look for and you contact yourself with manufacturers of glasswork, manufacturers and wholesalers of set of dishes, mantelera, and all type of articles for household for the hotel trade are, them very good and from all type, you will obtain advising and budgets there to be able to compare and to decide. The heading on watch and rent of mantelera, set of dishes, cubertera, tables, chairs and all type of household for the hotel trade can be your next great business if it beams with taste and dedication the money and will gananciasvendrn if beams good your plan of businesses. Original author and source of the article.