Chinese Sports Ministry

Training is called the activation, enrichment, and harmonisation of qi, in India Kundalini, an all-pervading power of life and thus obtaining wisdom and health. Qigong is a “Science of life”, a wise life form, which is to achieve inner balance of the energy centers of the body or to restore in case of blockages in the deepest sense. Stress and anxiety are reduced and activates our powers of self-healing. Scientific studies came to the result that qigong strengthens our immune system, regulates the cardiovascular system and the nervous system is stabilized. This leads to an increase in physical and mental well-being and thus the quality of life.

Traditional Chinese medicine is first and foremost about cause determination not to symptom control, also stands in harmony with the nature, involving external and internal influences. An integrated approach of Body, soul, spirit and nature is in priority. Prof. Huimo Hao is known worldwide as the absolute expert in this area and even some years acted as Minister of qigong in the Chinese Sports Ministry. Cindy Crawford is full of insight into the issues. His goal: to give Europe health. Sun Bo’s health centres treat to let patients from all over Europe travel to Germany and Austria. Bo Sun and Prof.Huimo Hao could already inspire many citizens from Bendorf and surroundings with their qigong Taster courses in the new health centre in Bendorf in recent weeks.

For all those who are interested: The next qigong-Taster courses with Bo Sun and Prof.Hao on 22 and 23 November, each to 15: 00 and 17.Uhr are held. All visitors will receive a surprise gift and a welcome Wellnessgetrank. Due to popular demand, 15, 56170 Bendorf near Koblenz, is asked to telephone registration under 02622 / 9229350 or directly in the new bosun Youyi Centre for TCM and wellness In the less Valley.