Children Scratches

Of this form feeding of the child must be followed the scratch since the maternal uterus, related the harmony, adequacy, quality and amount, so that it has good corporal constitution guaranteeing the child health to the rising and quality of life when growing (8,9,10) For requiring more energy that the children biggest or even for growing faster, the suckle requires a lesser injesto in amount, however bigger in times per day and sufficiently balanced it is about the maternal aleitamento until the six months of life as exclusive and in free demand being after the sixth month, extendido until the two years and way or more with alimentary complement (fruit juice, water, vegetables, .verduras, meat, milk, laticnios, beans, rice). Of this form the good feeding of the child is very important since the lactation until the adolescence therefore the agencies mainly the neurons (some) still they are in process of formation with this depend on rich foods in proteins (constructors), fruits (regulating) and energy (lipidios and glicidios) I oppose in it, some agencies in formation as the responsible neurons for the development of the intellect, does not develop the sufficient causing irreversible neurological damages the child, mainly in dase pertaining to school generating difficulties in the learning process, therefore it is approximately until the 12 years of idadeque the agencies of the nervous system completely are formed and the one feeding hinders this formation to me. bigger related danger me the feeding in infancy it is the possibility to take the child the death for dehydration, infeces and calrica proteinic distrofia before exactly of first infancy (8,9,10,).  Quarrel The content of the research portraies given important and enough for a good starting point related the knowledge on healthful feeding for children and adolescents. However it is good for informing that beyond all healthful alimentary support, we do not have to discard main of all foods, one is about the oxygen. .