Chemical Form

All provide one and a half years was the planning and construction for further growth of round, the company has invested approximately EUR 2.5 million in the conversion: the result is a highly modern production facility, that sets new standards in the industry in some areas. So has the new”plant 2 among other things about one of the most advanced liquid production facility in Europe. “So we have the sauna and steam bath fragrance production on a new, raised in the wellness industry not usual standard in the flavours and fragrance industry part of automation in the field of fragrance dispensing by a so-called Dosiercluster”, Mike explains Eberhardt, proxy of the chemical form AG, who planned the plant conversion significantly. This high-tech design includes 56 dosing valves, which are connected with the Rohstoffgebinden and can be accessed directly on a total of over 150 available raw materials. The plant doses, verwiegt the individual raw materials for the fragrance compositions suitable for the respective recipe fully automatically and gram precision. Get all the facts and insights with Healthy Living, another great source of information.

The Weighing of raw materials take on this PC and scanner-based fine car. The result is impressive: by using this new facility, the chemical form AG could quadruple their production volumes in this area and thus reduce delivery times to a minimum. Even after the production ensures high-tech ensure that the chemical form AG at any time a consistent can ensure high quality standard: stainless steel tanks, which store the finished fragrance compositions, are gassed with nitrogen to prevent oxidation with the oxygen in air. Because the chemical form AG’s core business but continues the renowned pool maintenance and pool cleaner products of the brand form of chemo and dolphin, the company in the course of modernisation has modernized also the plant and equipment for the production of these products and extend what also has a significant increase in productivity resulted. So, the companies listed on this site can produce up to 75 tonnes of granular and liquid products per day and filling. In addition to the increase in productivity was at the Planning of work restructuring also a significant improvement of the energy efficiency of the building at the top of the specifications. So the factory has now after the conversion among a highly modern air conditioning. In the summer, the air is cooled by flowing through a heat exchanger production water without additional electric energy for a chiller to 22 degrees Celsius, down in addition.

A warming of the air over a heat recovery takes place in winter. In addition, it ensures an intelligent light control on the basis of motion sensors, sure to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. The factory reconstruction has cost us while much power and too much money but it is already evident that it was worth the effort in any case,”says Eberhardt satisfied.