Chang Cho

Che had more than 10 aliases. Tete – they called him in childhood; Chang Cho – this name, he signed some of his journalistic work; Che – Argentine cry (Hey), Tatu – used during the hostilities, etc. No matter who we were in their views and beliefs, to deny the heroism, courage and importance of such a personality we can not. How little he knew about progressive youth great people such as Che. About him, who lit up the XX century with its bright, but short life. Are there many among us those who will boldly speak with his idea, to lead people and achieve victory. Yes victory, albeit at the cost of his life. At a time when the majority opinion in fact always all decides, fewer and fewer people are able to break away from this "herd" mentality and make themselves and their views, even if they are very different from the majority opinion.

Is everyone all happy? Surely no one thinks freely, independently from the rest? Do we know and understand what is freedom? Inner freedom that was inherent in the great Condottieri. The birth of Ernesto leaves the hope that humanity is not doomed, that such people are. Messengers, smart, brave, ready to lead the crowd, to change this world who are willing to fight to the end. Unfortunately, like Che are just legends, symbols of his era. And now the majority young people at the mention of the name in my head float depicting portraits of revolutionary t-shirts and stuff like that, nothing more.

Sorry … I'm sorry that we do not know and did not even try to learn about life heroes. Che Guevara is worthy to be known and remembered not only as a fashionable "chips", but also as an instructive example. Returning to his biography. The victory in Cuba was not the last of his life. In 1967, the outbreak of hostilities guerrilla group in Bolivia, led by Ramon (nicknamed Ernesto). He stayed there for 11 months. The last fight of Che took place on 8 October 1967. It falls into the trap. He was emaciated, medication for asthma long gone. The legendary guerrilla captured. October 9, he was shot from a rifle noncommissioned officer. At this end of the great story of Che. Parting intonation was permeated with Che's last letter to his parents. "I believe in armed struggle as the only Output for the peoples struggling for liberation, and his views, I am consistent to the end. Many call me an adventurer, and I do have an adventurer – but only of those who risks his own skin to prove his innocence. Maybe I'm trying to prove that it was the last time. I'm not looking through, but it is logically possible. If so – I was the last time you hug. Do not remember evil against me humble condottiere XX century. Tight hugs you your prodigal son and incorrigible. " Ernesto