Caucasian Mineral Waters

Region of Caucasian Mineral Waters (abbreviated KavMinVody or CMS) is located in a small area in the foothills of the scenic area. Those who first arrived at KavMinVody (CMS), striking originality and diversity of surface. Somehow suddenly appear on the plain bizarre masses 'island mountain'. No man went away unmoved: 'I'm sorry my friend, that you are together with me have not seen a great chain of mountains of ice to the top, which from a distance on a clear dawn, the clouds seem strange, colorful and real estate; Caucasian region, the sultry border of Asia, is curious in all respects. " (Pushkin), Circle, left and right, as the remains of the pyramids, to lift up majestic sky, mountain because the mountain looks, and Dale King of the majestic, misty, gray-blue, height was frightening strange Lermontov. "Better than mountains, may be just the mountains, on which we have not climbed" (V. Vysotsky) This resort area offers picturesque landscape, mild climate and healthy, as well as a large number and variety of healing mineral springs.

Caucasian Mineral Waters granted the status of specially protected ecological – resort region. When treatment on the cms uses a combination of basic spa resources: mineral waters, mud and healing climate. Hydrogen sulfide, radon, calcium – Na salt – alkaline, gidrokarbonatnatno – sulfate, natievo – Ca vysokotermalnye – this is not a complete list of mineral waters, treatments for diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, bile ducts, kidneys, nervous system and cardio – vascular, musculoskeletal – skeletal system, skin diseases, metabolism disorders. Treatment is carried out in various clinics and health centers by highly qualified doctors on the latest techniques developed by the Institute of Spa Treatment and physiotherapy. In the arsenal of spa treatment a huge set of different procedures. Accommodation on the kmv performed in spas with treatments under permits, and in the private sector in rented apartments. Possible acquisition kursovok the cost of which is only treatment. The resorts KavMinVody developed treatment dosage walking on the health path.

Binding on all the resorts is the diet. Therapeutic are also important sun and air baths. Beautiful nature, sunny weather, volatile in the resort parks and boulevards, the ionization of air near the fountains also contribute to successful treatment. Treatment at the Caucasian Mineral Waters carried out in the resort city of federal significance – Pyatigorsk Kislovodsk if you come to one of these cities, be sure to visit the others, because the distance between the most distant – one hour ride elekropoezde runs continuously on Kavminvod. cms Region is part of the Savropolskogo edge. At the author's website you can view maps of cities Kavminvod, as well as more detailed information.