We are customary to see in the different organizations areas to manage to give to the client one better satisfaction in its needs, nevertheless today the reality becomes when we are, the own entrepreneurs those who we directly sell our services to the public and therefore it is the moment for developing a strategy to begin to grow individually. Over the years and the appearance of the new technologies, you like many other people who before worked in dependency relation have begun to develop their own emprendimiento with the facilities that the virtual world offers. Perhaps nevertheless, you will think that to delegate it is only for great companies but the passage of time demonstrates to us that more and more enterprising individual they decide to delegate of way strategic to obtain more productivity in its tasks. To delegate is an important part of your emprendimiento and you do not have to see it like a function for the great organizations, to delegate has become one of the tasks that you must like entrepreneur to achieve your objectives of strategic way and in the minor time. You, as the majority of the individual entrepreneurs has decided at first to realise all the activities of their project, because to the power to destine great part to him by day and the excessive tasks they were not era very easy to fulfill yet. Nevertheless, over the years, and always with your mentality of growth, that without a doubt is one of the fundamental characteristic that we have all the entrepreneurs and the accumulation of new activities, you lose the true reason of your business, focalizndote not only in the tasks of which you are expert and of which he is not advisable that you delegate, but in all those that they are of routine in all emprendimiento, for example the Bulletin shipment, answer of mails, etc, losing perhaps many daily hours. Therefore, when you manage to visualize that to delegate tasks it is part of the process of growth of your emprendimiento you will be able to include/understand that you can be more productive and therefore your project will see beneficiary highly. PS: It begins to at first delegate the routine tasks that more productive time they clear to you. Original author and source of the article