Before The Winter

When I see myself in the mirror, I get scared.Yesterday he ran, played, I found you and loved you.Today, how awake a long letargoencuentro that the lived experience of it has been short.My personal time has flown very aprisay just the past, I’ve tasted.Tell me that it is much selfishness, that one just asks for pediry I will answer Yes, I want to live!I think that time spent inadvertidoque for the most part fought by naday what so in life enjoy debien re-examine by blind, not understood.I’m not complaining, the blame is all miay occurs that few at time sabenlo than to the barely passing, can no longer.Less, are those who comprendeneso that happens most.Today I see a snowfall in my roof, my hair show the passage of the tiempomis wrinkles, mark timeless grooves.My voice betrays human fears, my pulse already not so show waving without cause to deshoras, my memory punishes my impulsoshaciendome see errors, my mistakes in repeated formaslos.Today I speak in the mirror and in a mutis callahoy look far and the past cries out.Forgiveness, pardon all ask them, I know it’s too late and Some are no longer with me, but it is also very cobardesel not accept himself and justified punishment.Forgiveness, pardon my friends les pidopues today I wake up saw clear everything, the world was not made only for miapenas I am a nothing of the todoy that everything today requires a cambioen attitude, in the nobility, in being.And it is then when I discover that one, only lived, for only ely was not capable of thinking of others.Therefore in pidoque confession if I can choose my own castigose grant me the same padresjunto with my two enviable brothers, of course, the same friends, also to each of my three beloved children. Samuel akinin original author and source of the article.. . It’s believed that Center for Environmental Health sees a great future in this idea.