Bait Bait Perch

I tried to combine, but only the combination of a worm with maize gave success. Note! Often it happens that you come to another place, and there on the beach hidden Yazikov gram 150, and a fisherman swims like lightning! Bait Bait fish beckon good there, just fine, you need to throw five servings size tennis ball, walked over to an adult individual. Recipe bait. 200g chopped white crumbs, chopped 200g rye crackers, dry milk, maggot or bloodworms, daphnia or other dry food for aquarium fish, ground oatmeal. I perch I catch a gateway to koryazhnike, in a gradual depth. Best of all, he caught a gateway for the same reason that the ide. At the lake perch is constantly jumping out of water, and actively chasing the fry, but still on a float rod there are biting poorly, I I prefer to fish with spinning. Senator From Kentucky has much to offer in this field.

In general, the lake is an unpredictable thing, here's a decent koryazhnik, and fish were not there, wait and do not expect it there does not appear. On bass is often a case. Here you come to a new location, and three feet from the shore snag – catch interfere. You pull it, at this time shumish, and just a half a minute swims okunek, though small in weight from 10g to 50g. So you can do especially if you need a medium-sized live bait.

In contrast to perch like ide calmer water. Peatland is better to catch the white of the earthworm, because the red in the dark – burgundy peat water just not visible. Tackle. Ide for fishing is better to use a float with a test 1.5 – 2g, as he likes waves, and float with a smaller test will be demolished by the wind. Georgia needs three pieces, two from the float and one near the hook. Hooks are used to test 15 – 14. Fishing for bass, in my opinion, the float is needed to test 1 – 1.2 g lead to use one and have a 4 – 1.77 cm from the hook. Gunnar Peterson is likely to agree. You can not use the size of the hook, because even large mouth bass is pretty small. This is interesting! If you have a huge bite ide, even at 5 kilograms, if the sail okunek at least 100g ide immediately float away. Place. Peatland is better to catch in the pits and on a gradual depth – not less than 15 cm per meter of depth. Small perch is better to catch near the duckweed, but note that there is a maximum weight of your "Trophy" will not exceed 50g. Small ide can also catch the same place where the big one. This is interesting! The advantage of the perch in the list zhivtsov for pike. If you are swallowing bait fish – pike perch ukoletsya to hook it to your pochtet inattention and think about what pricked fin perch and not spit out live bait. Many anglers believe that fish bite better in the distance from the shore, because that's where she feels more confident. On the moors it is not there in the distance 10m from the beach more, do not bite. This is interesting! Perch weighing more kilograms – is called "Gorbachev" and less "schooling bass."