Some of the main reasons why many are approaching the law of attraction are: more money, problems with her body, whether you want to lose weight or some other health problem, improve their relations of friendship, work or sentimental. Based on this introduction I have to say that if they are looking for magic solutions to lose weight, if they want to make quick and easy money sitting at home or if they want to meet the love of your life but they do nothing to interact with new people, surely finish thinking and stating that the law of attraction doesn’t work and the worst thing is that they will be rightYes, they will be right, since the law of attraction responds to what we think and believe. So I always say that the best definition for this law is that, if you think it works, you’re right, but if you think you’re also not, right. If you want to lose weight you have to eat healthier and exercise, if what you want is money, you will have to go by and thus in all the orders of life. You will not win a car in a draw if you first do not purchase the coupon or number to participate. Then the law of attraction or works? The answer is Yes, if it works, but this law what will do is help you find systems or diets more suited to lose weight, when it comes to money, you’re always in the correct time and place, you will meet the right people, presented you opportunities that you’ll take advantage and so with everything you want. It works, if it works, I saw it with my own existence and still do every day and things that were once only a dream, I always wonder because I learned not to think so before, because of that it is, learn to think in the right way, as I already said it before, this is not verse, magic, or anything extraordinary or unusualThis has to do with our own existence. A hug to all and always.