Physical health is related to the practice of a healthy lifestyle: drugs, eat to live and not live to eat, and a healthy sport. Laughter is one of the forms of treatment in some hospitals. Stay in motion: exercise makes you feel good, endorphins are raised with the exercise, and we feel good. Not this other gym, the aerobics, cycling, a sport of competition, or simply going for a walk. Lets do this: stop using (drugs) psychotropic substances. If you consume alcohol do so in moderation. If you smoke you should stop doing it.

There are now very successful antismoking therapies, it is never too late to start a healthy life. Self-esteem is to love oneself, and to love oneself is to opt for a good health. Examines your truths: thinks that a car accident where there were many witnesses, probably each one of the witnesses of a different version. What are your first decisions or truths that you remember having taken in life?, what are your beliefs regarding love?, from children?, from the authority?, from God?, from politicians? Shame: shame is a deep feeling that you freeze. Children are the most impudent.

Shame leads to weakness, incompetence, incapacity, it investigates who judges you? and separate you from that source. Love within you: you have a few seconds to think about your first love do you remember that?, but I fear that the memories that you have not been your first love, first love is self, if you want people to love you, respects you, you love, first love yourself and radiates happiness. When you’re in a mirror simply smiles. Happiness comes from yourself, and can birth up to the little things that happen to you, is a matter of learning to feel it. See and claiming parts that you are missing: each person has different aspects of the self.