Acariciando Singular

Waiting you to E, love living creature, When you happen in your parusia: Beautiful princess inflames me with your ardor. 11 WAITING YOU II I am so contented of normal To reverse speed-finding you, my girl Since whom, your current presence livens up, Giving to me to my joy, endorsement. To be with you makes me person: It makes me genuine human being. In the Love, I am so human, Qunado your song in air sounds. Ah! Your vibrant eyes, Melfluos vitrais in the light of the soul, Shine much more that before. Your voice and loving I you, In the heat of ours hug Thus waiting I am you.

12 FINDING YOU yours soft perfume inebria me, Acariciando the lion inside of my heart, This romantic lion that sings you in songs muse that my feelings illuminate! When way to your side, On parallelopipeds of these historical ways, I see the neighborhood between love and memory. Therefore it is with you is my affability! You, girl, radiate my day Being with you, our beautiful song sound, Therefore our interpersonal love in the guide. Our singular meeting, good, Revive our souls, Our bodies, our homes. 13 TO BE ABLE TO LOVE YOU your the smiling and luminous Smile; it fulls me of satisfaction Seeing the health of your rseas apples and your beautiful delicious look. Desire thus always to be with you I want you intensely, but Truily I want to love you more In your casting presence with me. Pretty girl! To love to be able you Makes me more person and of the Flavor in my life. To love to be able you is To receive you, in the freedom of being, the man alone of you.

14 DELIVERY When I aim your photo with pueril smile, Comes to tona the souvenir of your feminilidade That carries your loving newness the point of this bull you of its smile. Menininha, meiga and so pretty! Your mouth calls mine it possesss so that you. looking you, my maos take yours and same vacilando, want you, my pretty one! I hear your heart trimmed with mine Feeling our blood to boil inside of us, and your body if giving for mine. Thus my being receives your so formoso Being in your body satisfied from woman Who my being also is being yours. 15 YOUR ROSE: OUR FLOWER your rose, unbroken rose, That I it despetale delicate Acariciando Singular flower flower that me of the ones with love: I make, to evolar the perfume of this petar them Of your roseira: yours and my rose. Soon we know that she is necessary to deflorate the flower, Fertilizando it with the delivery in the Love, Similar of that the fruit of mxime is born value. Iaspers Sodr (Belm, 2003-2005)