Medicinal treatment of worms and treatment of tapeworm in folk medicine. What are the signs of worms? Everyone knows that cuisine of the southern countries abound with all sorts of spices and bitterness. And it is no coincidence because it is astringent, bitter and very salty dishes do not like parasites, and in the context of a warm and humid southern climate – ideal for these environments – such gastronomic preferences do not seem random. These seasonings and were thus the drug from the worms. Therefore, when a person first signs of the presence of worms, healers know how to treat. Long before the emergence of drug treatment in medicine, people used natural remedies to combat various diseases, including – in the treatment of tape worms or other parasites.

Slavs, for example, is widely used all sorts of sauces (Eg, mustard), hot peppers, a mixture of herbs – is considered a proven remedy for worms. Universal antiparasite diet does not exist. But science today is known for a number of products that prefer worms, and they do not eat the food. Therefore, if there were first signs of worms, deworming medicines and diet will be your good allies. If you do not want to create a favorable environment for the worms, Try to at least vtechenie some periods of the year not to eat meat and fish, as it is – favorite food of worms.

When passing through the digestive tract meats provide fertile ground for the existence of worms. And fruits and vegetables, especially fresh, can not serve as food for the parasites and contribute to their speedy expulsion of the human body. If there is a treatment for worms or for the prevention of infection they should not eat too much milk, because it is not digested completely, but remains on the walls of the intestines casein, a substance that is usually very poorly digested, is an accumulation of nutrients substances for the worms. One should not eat many sweets, and vice versa – eat more bitter, and then the worms you "will not like." Slavs long for the prevention of parasites and as a means of worms used in my kitchen onions and garlic. At least in the treatment of tape worms, which are widely distributed (pinworms), garlic – this is the best folk remedies. Or, for example, pumpkin seeds – they are also very often used in the treatment of worms. Traditional healers are very sensitive to medicinal plants. They knew that almost any disease can be cured with plants. Thus, a method of treating dysbiosis in babies – a camomile tea, mint or decoction of chamomile. Herbs have been used not only for medicinal purposes, but also in recipes rejuvenation. That's spend rate of rejuvenation – and look 10 years younger. We wish you good health!