World Health Organization

The metabolic syndrome, also called syndrome X or insulin resistance, among others so many names, is a common condition among people with overweight and obesity but still not is correctly diagnosed and is therefore poorly treated by specialists. It’s several risk factors that, when added, increase the chance of developing a cardiovascular disease or diabetes. There are no official figures which can demonstrate the real magnitude of the problem, due to the difficulties for your diagnosis and that not all people with overweight or obesity are made frequent medical checks that allow to analyze this pathology. However, it is estimated that more than 30% of persons over the age of 40 years may suffer from it. The World Health Organization has given to meet the criteria for diagnosis of this syndrome in 1999 but is still rarely identified by specialists.

To receive this diagnosis, the obese should diabetes mellitus, glucose, Hyperglycemia, or resistance to insulin intolerance, and Furthermore, present at least two of the following: high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, central obesity or excretion of protein during urination. While it is object of study and discussion for more than ninety years, there are still many questions to resolve to come up with the most effective treatment. Currently, syndrome is treated in a multidisciplinary manner, which includes thorough medical control, a hypocaloric diet, a regular program of physical activity and administration of drugs. The treatment is expensive and long-lasting and even so, the results have not shown great efficiency in the long term. Although today there is no effective treatment, bariatric surgery can help reduce these disorders and even disappear completely. The acquisition of new healthier habits, added to the decrease in body weight and other changes that occur automatically in the body, can be the key to solve the mysterious syndrome. However, the doctors are still reluctant to suggest a surgical intervention to treat it. If you suffer from this problem, don’t panic.

There are many people in your same situation. Healthy living, good nutrition and regular exercise are essential to control it and improve their health.