This curve as all curves fast is important to the final time trial. Why must try instead of cutting gas totally leave it half throttle as we negotiate the curve. Read more here: Jim Hackett. This balances the weight distribution and will be sufficient to deal with the curve. Many pilots take advantage of even the previous piano. We will certainly not do it sitting on the bike but with slightly raised back.

This we will give a few centimeters of track and a major step by curve. On the contrary, it provokes movements on the bike that will have to calm down with the weight of the body and not overly supporting the weight on the ploughshare. The following is a line of about 300 m which is followed by a left-right chicane. Learn more at this site: supermodel. In that curve you really see the difference between good pilots and the best. It is a curve very critical in which you can make several mistakes. The first of them that you get with a speed too fast. That can cause you go into panic and decide not enter into the chicane. So what usually happens is doing all right.

There is no problem since there is enough security in the circuit but you run the risk of linking with the other part of the path (ramp). My advice is that you take that chicane with calm and you should go to increasing compliant speed go taking you the trick to the path. You can however do a straight at any time of the day. This chicane can take in different ways. My favorite is by using the right piano for the entry. This gives you more step by curve but has a but. That this curve is reached by pulling front brake. If you walk into the piano with caught front brake must be careful not to block the wheel.