Vision – one of the most important senses, granted to human nature. 95% of the information people receive it by eye. In his youth, almost all have good eyesight, but with age its severity reduced. How to protect your eyes from overloads and maintain good eyesight for years to come? A prerequisite for this is proper nutrition. Doctors believe that between vision and power of a strong connection. However, in foods that may offer us the modern market, the concentration of vitamins is not enough to maintain visual acuity and eye diseases. This prompted ophthalmologists and other professionals to "develop" programming eye vitamins with a combined staff of necessary components: vitamins and minerals. What vitamins prefer to face? Vitamin A This vitamin operate smoothly special cells in the retina – rods.

They responsible for svetovospriyatie and good vision at twilight. B Vitamins B vitamins are responsible for normal blood supply and uninterrupted operation of nerve cells. These cells provide the transmission of nerve impulses from retina of the eye directly to the cerebral cortex, where a picture. Vitamin B6 – a natural tranquilizer, is required for a strong eye strain, helps to cope with the syndrome of "eye twitching". Vitamin C This vitamin provides a tone of eye muscles.

It stimulates the blood circulation in the organs of vision, reduces intraocular pressure. This vitamin regulates the redox processes in the body, possesses a strong antioxidant effect, ie prevents damage to eye tissue by free radicals. Exerts an antimicrobial effect, promotes healing of injuries.