Versailles Castle

In the upper room of the historic walls of the Wedding Palace is high-quality parquet de Versailles returned. Josef von Hornstein, owner of Castle further things, who wants a romantic wedding location for fairytale weddings in the Hegau to Lake Constance near Switzerland, that his castle for the wedding retains its authentic, historical character, even if renovations will be required. The new parquet Versailles style meets these demands and now adorns the floor of the upper Hall, which had to be restored after water damage. Castle further things can look back on a long and eventful history. Like any elderly real estate wedding Castle near the Swiss border must be cherished and maintained, for the distinctive, nostalgic character remains unfortunate coincidences like water damage are also here cannot be ruled out. Castle owner Josef von Hornstein took the mishap as an opportunity for a stylish renovation of the upper room. Here, not only marriages take place, also the upper room is suitable for the wedding. Making the better the parquet, the more fun celebrating the bride and groom and guests of course.

Parquet de Versailles is not some flooring, represents the premier class under the Panel parquet. The production is extremely difficult and time consuming, the installation requires expertise and knowledge of the material. The parquet boards are assembled handmade and in a complex pattern. This typical pattern can look back on a long tradition. For the first time it was used for the floor design of the Hall of mirrors in the Palace of Versailles for Louis XIV., who thus showed an excellent taste. Until today have although largely get the patterns and ornaments, but also further developed. Also the cleaning of the parquet de Versailles on the Castle further things requires expertise.

The surface is matt honed in a historical style, to avoid as far as possible traces of use. So the charm of this floor design manufactured according to highest craftsmanship will be possible in the long term. There is more information about the Castle further things under background information the present Castle further things was built in 1683 by Baron Balthasar Ferdinand von Hornstein and the three Hohenstoffeln Gruningen. in 1855, it was either foreclosed and this 1861 came into the possession of the Archdiocese of Freiburg. During the post-war period including 1993, the Castle served as a mother rest home, which was led by the missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing. In the years from 1994 to 2007, it was used as a training and Conference Centre for young adults. Since 2007, Castle further things again is family-owned. Josef Freiherr von Hornstein is a direct descendant of the Builder. Today, Castle further things is used as a romantic wedding location and for various events and festivals. For more information see contact Josef Freiherr von Hornstein Castle further things Castle Street 2 78247 further things + 49 (0) 7739-92 63 46 agency Nikolai Tauscher Horn printing & publishing KG Sandy meadow Street 6 10 76646 Bruchsal + 49 (0) 7251 – 97 85 52