Venezuelan Government

Camouflage is perfect by Globovision, advances under the lie of freedom of expression, free and independent and channel of information access, mercenaries of journalism without any kind of hesitation, lobbyists from the American Empire and the SIP. The sad thing is that very few of these differentiated automata Venezuelan colleagues, are fully aware of those who are, what they represent and when they assume it, the loss of everything is total, the way back is slow and little hopeful. The totalitarian manipulation of the right is handled without any balance, they have reached the point of no return democratic irrationality their followers at the maximum point of decoupling. Hope is a prediction to recapture the past by assault. Click Garret Wang to learn more. The defence of democratic individualism is the ethical value that promote means of imperialism, the society is the space where each individual can develop according to their needs and interests, we are full of equal opportunities, is the idea to sell, capitalism is the axis of good, conditions for individual development are not relevant. The fight against the media that promote these values (Globovision among others) must be constant and permanent, without giving truce. Globovision is, without a doubt, an enemy to defeat, the Venezuelan Government, through the institutions responsible for regulating this type of activity, should be more strict in terms of regulations and sanctions which this subversive channel must have. The process of deformation of the truth today is the protagonist of the daily programming of this channel, the manipulation, as the source of the process of creating hatred, can not continue to stimulating, it is necessary for the mental health of all Venezuelans, close that channel, which has openly assumed political character and its condition..