Unit Complex Purification

Unit complex purification (ACH) Space designed and built in Italy at the factory "Menikini. He is harmless. Here are not used chemicals, and only vapor and water. ach Kosmos performs four functions: 1) work with steam, and 2) collecting mud with a water filter, 3) aromatization; 4) work with an iron with steam. Working with the ferry brings great results: environmentally friendly cleaning, no chemicals, no allergic reactions. Microbes under the influence of hot couple eliminated. Especially ach is recommended to have at home with allergies and asthma, because the usual vacuum cleaner, sucking up dirt from the surface, increases the levels of dust in the air, but here – on the contrary, the amount of dust actually decreases.

ako 'Space' has a new technological feature. They can work without interruption. Do not have to wait until the "ready" a new pair after watering. A special system allows you to consistently produce steam from the water. Well thought out safety system.

A person is not in danger: you can easily open the unit, to fill or refill it with water, without worrying that you can get burned. Scalding is impossible – you pour into the Kosmos common cold water. Immediately after the ach can start cleaning up, using the "Space" as a vacuum cleaner: "Cosmos" will suck air and dust. Then you can add cleaning, treating the surface with steam. Pairs connected with one button. Water filter used in the ach "Cosmos" is very easy to be cleaned: every detail of easily removed and washed under running water from the tap.