Ukrainian Recruiting

Recruiters – the same people and nothing human is alien to them. Including human vices … During the recruiting agency choice for our company, I had to carefully review and analyze information on sites recruiting several dozen Ukrainian companies. Some of my unpleasant surprise. Clearly, advertising – it is always a bit of a lie. If you do not have a unique selling proposition, invent it! Die Another Day, but they differ – write classical marketing. Further details can be found at Daryl Katz, an internet resource. Navri, but select, – believe neklassiki Ukrainian recruiting .. A positioning service – it is generally a huge field to manipulate the minds of consumers.

And often, just fiction founders of the company. But not to that degree! As I understand, this is what most affects the brains of a potential customer when choosing a recruitment agency: 1. Belonging "to foreign countries," some "global" network agencies (albeit fictional). 2. High positions in any of the ratings (albeit fictional). 3. Duration of work experience in the market (even invented). All these attributes are used by most mercilessly agencies to sell themselves.

As it turned out, on closer analysis of information – sometimes wrongly … The first example. Operation of "internationalism" brand. World Staff infamous agency calls itself anywhere except as "International recruiting company WORLD STAFF , adding 25 years in Europe, sales offices in several countries, etc. But a closer look reveals: – Ukrainian web site works only 1 page. (Though it was the same a year ago …) – contact offices in other countries not listed – in English, (as I understand, "International") version of the site is also not listed contact offices in other countries, but the main thing in Sweden, do not work any links except a reference to the Ukrainian office – phones allegedly the "primary" office in Stockholm to multiple calls – no answer – the existence of the main office in Stockholm, at the site at Klarabergsgatan 33, SE-111 21 Stocholm, Sweden, is now easy to check through GoogleMaps and other tools that I did.