Transpersonal Psychology

This involves becoming aware of who we are as whole human beings a "a body, emotions, mind, soul and Spirit a "to insert into a network of interdependent relationships with the Earth and the Cosmos.a In the first issue of the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology (1969), Sutich proposed this definition:" Transpersonal is the title given to an emerging force in the field of psychology by the work of a group of psychologists and professionals from other fields who are interested in these latest human capacities and potentialities that have no place in a systematic positive or behavioral theory (first rank), in psychoanalytic theory Classic (second power) or humanistic psychology (third power). This emerging transpersonal psychology (fourth power) deals specifically with the study of the meta-needs of the individual and the species, the ultimate values, unitive consciousness, mystical experience, being, self-actualization, interpersonal up the meeting, the sacralization of everyday life, the phenomena trascendentesa a The scope of influence of Transpersonal Psychology has expanded steadily beyond the psychological. In fact, it has become a new paradigm, greatly increased and now supported by quantum physics and the wisdom of many ancient traditions. Claudio Naranjo a "whom I consider one of our teachers a " was a member of the team Perls, founder of the Gestalt. In his book a The only busquedaa says, a Durante recent years, one of the goals of Esalen has been to realize the concept of education Huxley: a learning experience designed to teach "the no-verb of the humanities Man is an amphibian that lives in many worlds at once: the world of reason, the world of perception, the world of movement, visceral world of activity, the world of any mystical experiences. .