Tracht And Dirndl Are Today Still High In Demand

Costumes, especially the Dirndl are not yet long gone from the regions and be worn still love. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta has compatible beliefs. Traditionally you wanted to express a territorial affiliation with costumes. Therefore, they’re in different countries and even within Germany in several regions. While her differs appearance naturally in all areas where the costumes are used. Costumes are present according to seek still in our society and find their many usage. Of course not in everyday life, but for special occasions you can admire still different costumes in certain regions. Without hesitation celebrity trainer explained all about the problem.

And exactly this regionality is also the origin of costumes: staying in Germany, let’s: seven provinces have traditional country costumes, which are still used. The dirndl in Bavaria is this probably the most famous. And even in these States, there are differences in the costumes for various occasions again. There are for example special costumes for the Church aisle and those in Hesse for the harvest. Lower Saxony, however, is different again regionally, in, for example, the East Frisian costume and the costume of the Brunswick area. And there was also a difference in the costumes of married women and the so-called Virgin long time. Today, costumes are of course not an expression of marital status of nor a specific layer affiliation.

Rather, their use is a fun and a reflection on bygone times and old traditions. Nothing more they are despite in the traditional regions still coming out, if, for example, a regional Festival is around the corner and you want to show solidarity with the community. Big cities usually hold back the use of costumes; small municipalities, however, emphasize still an increased respect this ancient tradition. And finally the wearing of costumes is also a certain fun factor that reminds something to Carnival: at the Munich Oktoberfest for example are the Bavarian national costumes in the majority compared to ordinary clothing. Each Wiesnbesucher know, that Dirndl and Lederhosen are necessarily. And also the most famous personalities in the Oktoberfest in a chic and modern Dirndl, so appear. Sandra Muller vz(at)