The Skin

The sun gave a truce, the dumb climate and the temperature falls therefore, an immense one goes if it opened for the front, the streets reappear, assayed a smile insosso and without favour for finding an old friend, that one that came in the form most faithful, in the skin of a roia dog that a esbagaada carcass, I started to acariciar the animal at the same time with a look more cold stole it the food, that goes the hunger then. When falling of the night the temperature low still more, the cold and everything in return, bothered to the extremity and it did not have more where to think, the body aged and only renegava the soul. Without to more reflect in thing some, leaned in old an car and sucateado, to observe the blackout that already surrounded everything. It had that to make some thing and nor wise person what. Suddenly it came the will to take off that garbage of the place and turned the car in capotagem, the wheels seemed until more beautiful for from above part. An old lady observed everything, with its sad perhaps look and wrinkled, nor she enxergasse to certain that scene, was not moved and she did not leave the place not even when that girl of walking came close itself slow, hands in the pockets and head low come in my direction. ' ' If he is not daqui, still can voltar' '. With an extreme certainty affirmed it me.

What perhaps it was truth, but in that height I already did not have more nothing to lose, it still I insisted saying on me that survival possibility was the only last e, that still existed a time, and only it would know to say where she could find it. She insisted me for the return one more time, later passed the hands in my face, saying that to hear he wanted me. When I left house, I passed tomorrow for know, passed for that it wanted and for what did not want, I passed for everything, without walking for nothing, now can walk for any I sing, even to perhaps find me with the death, who knows, and from there it does not have more as to come back. Then it lowered the head, not before me again kissing the face, thus could perceive its tears, wanted until making the same, but she did not obtain, I arrived to envy the pipes, for not knowing as to spill a tear, at the moment where of its mouth she came the consolation saying in me that the future more did not exist and what would not have for some, would not have then for plus nobody. Tone the Prado (March 1996)