The Sandwich

Enough just to be original, using a little imagination and ingenuity. For example, why not submit a salad, not just preparing to, and enjoy the same success, in raw form? All are used to salads arranged on a dish or a salad? Step away from tradition. Fry the slices of bread so that one side was left soft. Put the top portion of salad and garnish with greens. You can even make a salad in the sandwich: Spread a piece of fresh bread, butter, and it put the salad.

These sandwiches generally do more and eat them with a fork and knife. Just be very extraordinary if salad stuff with fresh vegetables, or put him in a basket of fresh bread or dough. General – for more culinary imagination, and the reception will be held at the highest level what we know about the salad? Salads long and firmly established in the diet of our food. And we are so accustomed to this type of cuisine, which sometimes do not think about their benefits to our body and nutritional value. But in vain! Especially good selection of fresh salads.

Such meals should be eaten all year round, and preferably every day. After all, they not only serve to excite the appetite, but also enrich our diets most valuable vitamins, minerals and other necessary materials. Salads diversify our menu, decorate the holiday table. He who eats a lot of vegetable salads, especially fresh and raw vegetables, as a rule is a good mood, beautiful skin, slim figure and perfect digestion. Once and forever do away with frivolous attitude to vegetables, and especially for raw vegetable salad, remember that a well-prepared salad – a true delicacy! In addition, you will agree, to prepare such dishes are not difficult and, sometimes, even interesting – you can show off the culinary imagination to come up with something of their own 'brand' to combine seemingly incompatible products to surprise guests. Do not forget as well, and on the green, because it could not be more welcome complement taste of your salad. Add a salad green onion, dill, parsley, celery, young lettuce, and see how delicious, and most importantly useful to get your food. Source: recipes salads