The Metaphysical Nature Of Human Health And Disease (Part I )

One important aspect in the fight against cancer and other serious illnesses is now a search of their causes, and ways to prevent or at least to find methods for early diagnosis, with to provide timely assistance to the body and soul. If you would like to know more about Jim Hackett, then click here. Every historical epoch creates people – carriers of ideas and theories of his time. These theories form the consciousness of future generations are not always conscious that the path knowledge of mankind is subject to a single purpose: to know yourself, know your soul, which is part of the Universe and connects us to it. This is the unity of spiritual and physical health. Man tries to open the secret of his mission, since its appearance on Earth, Part already ajar people who have found their place in the material world. However, the reality can not be ignore or circumvent the party she is with us day and night regardless of our desires.

Try to find a way to explain it a tempting idea. Invisible and often imperceptible mystical reality, parallel our reality, recorded in numerous sources that have come down to us from the depths of centuries. Methods of treatment through effects on energy education, according to legend, was known in the East as early as III millennium BC In the Dead Sea Scrolls scholars discovered many interesting facts. The Essenes taught all residents of the community treatment of people by the laying on of hands. The members of the Essene sect showed miracles speak about the eternity of this method of treatment. Bioenergy or spiritual method of treatment can not be invented. He was, is and will be! Assigning names, hanging and striking fashion labels to this ancient method treatment or the announcement of its invention and the miracle of the century – shows how far we've come to the knowledge of our being and nature. Rachel Madorsky