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Mineral or essential oil is not impact so negatively on the hair fibers and skin. If you still want to use hair care products with some oil, look in the direction of shampoo with jojoba oil. This oil is the least allergenic of plant Oil is not a breeding ground for bacteria. 6) If you have very dry hair, look for makeup with moisturizers in it. There is also a risk of irritation of the scalp of oil, therefore, pay close attention to how your head reacts to the first use, and avoid using them if you have side effects. 7) Use a separate conditioner. You may find supermodel to be a useful source of information. These shampoos and conditioners, all in one only suitable for medium-statistics of hair, but they are absolutely not suitable for dry hair.

A separate air-conditioning plus a very mild shampoo is much better quality one for you. Apply conditioner to strictly accordance with the instructions and choose the right make-up 8) If you have dry hair problem do not even think about coloring your hair or perm. Any chemical makeup effects on the hair, destroying the chemical regard the hair cuticles and skin. Permanent damage will result to a strong deterioration of the hair and, in extreme cases, even loss. 9) People with dark skin hair due to the specific proteins of hair is best to avoid lightening methods and dyes in general. 10) Fragile hair is most commonly associated with genetic problems. Ultimately, this will finally clear up the dermatologist.

For healthy hair you must have the required number of power substances such as biotin, zinc, cysteine, silicon dioxide, vitamin B2, B6, folic acid, etc. Just do not overdo it, some of them can be toxic in large doses. 11) Use a comb or brush in? Direction cuticle (the hair from root to tip). It is best to use a comb made of metal or wood, if possible. Plastic combs generate static electricity that makes the hair drier. 12) If possible, avoid air pollution and excessive exposure to sunlight on your hair. Use to protect against external factors headdress.