The Few

But nothing made. They did not have track some It was then that some bodies had been being found in the bush of lugarejo, to the side of streams. Supermodel is the source for more interesting facts. They did not have the eyes, and its bellies were cut from above the low one. They spoke in rituals of black magic. For more information see CEO of Ford . Each time more bodies were found and with more strange marks still. Certain day Jonas came back later toward house of what of custom, one six hours of the afternoon. It waited it to a multitude of the side of it are. They brought pieces wooden in the hands and cried out: Monster! Assassin! Little before, some had entered in its house and discovered the bodies of mother and son, disfigured, in one of its rooms.

The people was en-sandecido. They only wanted to avenge itself of the monster that killed defenseless children. Some said that they were angels It tried to run away, but they had not left. They had held it and they moored its hands and feet, taking it for the interior of the house. The time swore innocence all. She was one of the few times where if it heard the voice of Jonas.

They had lain down the man to the soil and had moored a cloth bag in its head, with a well given knot in its throat, made with a sisal rope. It struggled itself, begged clemency, but the people did not hear it. It had that to pay for its acts and went to pay there. Each one with its lintel applied a blow to it, first in its arms and legs, and after very hearing its moans, they had beaten strong in the head, and the cloth covered that it soon was being spotted of blood. Its shouts had ceased, but it was well later that they had stopped to beat.