The Cravings

I realized that eating more vegetables, especially celery, helped me to increase my desire to eat more sweet fruits. The vegetables seemed to cleanse my palate the sweetness. One of the things I really liked about this diet raw vegan is that I discovered new foods that never had interested me above, including okra and Asian pears. I also enjoyed the simple green smoothies made with bananas, spinach, and water. I hope to continue enjoying these foods for a good time. Cravings the desire to eat food cooked on this diet were strong enough some days and virtually non-existent in others.

In general it was not difficult to deal with them. Usually, when he ate raw food in sufficient quantity and had enough calories, cravings decreased. The cravings were stronger when he stopped to give me too much hunger. Nothing of salt at the beginning of this test had strong cravings for salty foods, but decreased with time. I was surprised how easy that was to eat without salt.

Nothing of supplements during this test consumed not intended any supplement. No pills or powders of any kind. Neither superfoods. I didn’t believe that it was necessary to increase the price my urine. Low fat low restriction on fats, less than 10% of calories from fat, was the hardest part of the test. Many days I felt that my cravings would have been satiated including more fat in the diet, such as avocados, nuts, or seeds. However, I did not feel so good when I ate too much fat in one meal. When I started the test, I signed up to keep the weekly average below 15% of calories from fat, but eventually managed to reduce it to below 10%. My energy levels are stabilized when I got fat. For the first half of the test, promedie 12.2% of calories from fat.