The Chance

In the lateral tables, two Belgian lampies. In the soil of boards, colorful carpets entonando with the curtain. It was the apartment of guests. The mother of magic Nana with the chance of living well and in a so elegant and safe place, recommended: Nana, does not make baguna, only plays with what he is its. Nana loaded many books of history.

Book a present trunk of its disappeared father. As the mother of Nana liked to read at night, the two if collected more early to read in the bed, and the mother of Nana counted those pretty histories. Certain day the dribble of the girls of the house it adoeceu and it was if to cure in its proper house, being led all the medicines, fruits and vegetables to recover more fast the mother of Nana was scaled to substitute the dribble. The mother of Nana asked for permission for the owner of the house to take the girls for would rouparia that it was a great room with great closets to keep weaveeed, machines of sewing, tables with cut drawers, and tables to pass and to gum. The mother of Nana liked to gum the clothes with gelatin. All the clothes of the girls and of bed and the table were starchy. In it I sing of the room of clothes the mother of Nana improvised a table and three chairs, ordered the gardener cut the feet of three chairs that were separate to donate. It painted an old table and the chairs, placed a black picture in the wall and there, between a sewing and another one, it started to alfabetizar the three. At the beginning of April the doctor bought weaveeed heavier of very good taste. She also bought organdi and incomes and she asked for the mother of Nana to make the Passover dresses; she bought some Italian infantile figurinos.