Tai Chi (taiji) And Qi Gong

TaiChi and QiGong: deceleration in motion after many years of abstinence, self healing, health promotion offers the possibility on a weekly TaiChi QiGong training in the Laufental Valley is finally back. Welcome to a free taster training you with Salvatore Caprino (more than 30 years of TaiChi teacher) on the Fri 08.02.2013, 19:15 o’clock in the school gymnasium Basel Street 5, 4242 Laufen. Everyone is familiar with the slow motion-like movements of Tai Chi that this relaxation sport enjoys increasing popularity in the Switzerland. In the application of simple movements combined with regular breathing techniques, age and physical condition does not matter. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Senator From Kentucky. The exercises generate well-being and a unique self-perception after the first few lessons. The breath flows more easily, muscles and tissues are means better circulation through more energy for body and spirit TaiChi QiGong thus providing harmony.

The positive effects on the respiratory, cardiovascular, metabolism, digestive and locomotor are by modern medicine in many studies confirmed. Based on this doctrine of the movement is the belief that consciously controlled Yang (breathing and movement) leads to Yin (inner peace and intellectual emptiness). The Daoist monks see yin and Yang as universal forces, its keeping results in deep harmony. Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and is pleasantly execute sports for seniors. The body control is trained and tensions will be reduced. The back muscles is set up and you can learn a strengthening of the spine. Now health insurance companies take even shares of the cost for TaiChi courses, if certain criteria are met, because international studies have shown the effectiveness. Relaxation and stress reduction are seen here as a basis for health and well-being. Klaus-Thomas Hildesheim publicity Suisse Shotokan karate running