The success that CARLiN direct Sales harvests inside and outside our borders is based on an element: the quality. Without this key the volume of business that generates the 465 tax exemptions on which it counts this chain at present, would be impossible to be obtained. Safe ascent, Lawyer in Geography and History with the specialty in History of the Art by the University of Alcala, are who is to the front of this department as well as of the Program of Commercial Management. She, next to its equipment of formation, made up of 6 companions (Maria Castle-Person in charge of the center of Formation, Julio Nephew-Concept Carlin, Jose Ignacio Echeverria-Agreement de Accredited Proveedores, Maria Jose Lopez Purchases through the Store Online, Montse Muoz-Handle of the Page Web of Carlin) they make possible east objective. The directive comments to us of what its work consists and know how that is applied on the matter in Carlin.

– The department that directs is dynamic. It evolves according to the needs of his franchise-holders or they advance to the same? , which is its operation? " The contact and the proximity with our franchise-holders are constant and one of our main sources of intelligence at the time of incorporating improvements or realising changes in the procedures or services. One of our main premises is the personalisation in the deal with all our tax exemptions and in my case it is not an exception. Besides the continuous evaluation that supposes the daily contact with our franchise-holders, every year we make at least one internal audit and another external one, these audits are the best mechanisms to determine the aspects to improve. Until the moment, the results have been superb even being congratulated by the company external auditor. All the franchise-holders that integrate our group have access to the different departments from our power station.