Sweaty Feet

Sweaty feet are uncomfortable, and those involved very suffer from sweaty feet are a very serious problem for the affected and they suffer from very. It can lead so far, that under the foot odour break partnerships and friendships go apart. Sweaty feet affect others extremely repulsive and so it is very important to take measures against it for those affected. Our feet have to endure a lot, but they mostly gave no more weight them in everyday life. Shoes should be fashionable in the first place and visually the demands.

Usually, the price of dresses of the foot plays a role. If you think there a good foot bed or ventilation for the shoes. Only when our feet sign you pay attention to them. So is Hyperhidrosis, to German welding foot, a widespread problem. On his feet are about five hundred, similarly as on the Palm, very many sweat glands, on every square inch. Sweaty feet are perfectly normal, but become a problem if the perspiration out of control. Is still fraught with shame about speak the own foot odor. It is particularly burdensome if others notice an unpleasant smell.

Then, peaceful hours together as well to the problem such as the shoe purchase or spontaneous will run barefoot. The swimming pool visit can be to the gauntlet and which appeared previously normal things suddenly uncomfortable. Most dramatically, the quality of life is restricted by the smell. For sweaty feet, the skin is constantly moist, so their stratum corneum expands. It is often the cause in an overactivity of the vegetative nervous system or an abnormal size of the sweat glands. However, numerous other factors can favor the occurrence and the course. The footwear and the daily foot care should undergo not only in the summer, a test. The shoes should be breathable and if it is possible should be avoided also just on it. Socks should never consist of synthetic fibers, because they stimulate the production of sweat. Cotton is regarded as suitable material. Nevertheless, the socks should be changed as often as possible. In addition to regular foot baths, you can rely also on Fusscremes and smell-retardant insoles (with activated carbon). Foot powder can help as well, such as the removal of excess skin layers by means of a cornea Planer. All of these home remedies can not help whom the should contact the physician. They first perform a therapy with aluminum chloride or contact through a tap water iontophoresis. But even if these funds will not have the desired success, not all is lost yet. The beauty doctors have a compound that destroyed not only wrinkles: Botox, or botulinum toxin. This can get administered every six months, almost complete the welding production to a standstill. The intervention will be under lighter anesthesia performed and can be repeated any number of times. Marco white