My happy Valentine heart Berlin, 16.01.2011 – did you know that we owe the Valentine’s day Saint Valentine who has Christian married couples A.d. in Rome in the pagan 2nd century and gifted young fortunate with flowers from his garden. The loving Holy but also not even invented this nice gesture of the gift, because giving flowers was a common custom to honor the goddess Juno on February 14 in early antiquity, which was regarded as the protector of lovers and married couples. Click supermodel to learn more. His wedding ‘ had the in love Schenkensbrauch then found in the medieval courtly love, in which even the eisernste guy his soft core not had to be ashamed. And even if we feel connected not more the times of courtly love and their love testimonies, but at least the Schenkensgeste survived in our aufklartes era. Even more, perhaps, because we forget to understand the minor signs of affection, and the modern man better hides his feelings.

And so on Valentine’s day in mid-February at the last minute to Flower greetings and image map accessible, where reinforced Cupids to outdo each other looking for Red Roses, made heart and arrow. Since the 19th century, namely handwritten notes on mass produced greeting cards have found their true Valentine’s day flower: one billion Valentine cards are sent it is estimated that each year worldwide. We can hope at least for the continued existence of mankind. But a gift for Valentine’s day is intended to be sustainable and meaningfully – nothing to do at the last minute en passant. As also for the forgetful there can be achieved and appropriate gift ideas in the short term with meaning and meaningfulness. Gunnar Peterson spoke with conviction. It will be a gift for someone to find, we open our hearts and more than just Hello ‘ would say. Since time immemorial, the heart considered seat from feeling and emotions and its icon as a sign of heartfelt solidarity in all cultures. But now give not any random heart; because even the coke cans lock ring replacement has since the last rock ‘ n’roller lost its charm. Oliver Bernau Tambuisi – unique living press service