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The internationally renowned Homoopath, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, what we can learn from reptiles describes in his latest book of survival the reptile. Worldwide, more and more therapists focus on an Indian homeopath Sankaran, who is one of the most internationally-known, modern homeopaths. In Germany, thousands therapists of Sankaran’s implement homeopathic approach and methods in daily practice. For over 18 years, comes after Germany Dr.

Rajan Sankaran and passes on his knowledge in the form of lectures and books on homeopathy. Dr. Rajan Sankaran realized a unique connection between the symptoms of homeopathic remedies and the characteristics of the origin of these funds from the nature. Sankaran takes over in his latest book of survival the reptile the concept of his last book, survival the mollusc (molluscs) now also for reptiles. Sankaran transmits the knowledge of the survival strategies of these animals with amazing healing successes on the homeopathic treatment of patients. Sankaran examines the general strategy of reptiles and how of every reptile in detail. The property that reptiles are cold-blooded, gives them a distinct disadvantage compared to other living beings.

Unlike in mammals, reptiles are not able to suffer effort to flee from a predator or chasing prey. Therefore, every reptile applies his vested, individual parent life pattern. This information also found in homeopathic remedies. Also patterns of patients from the homeopathic perspective, can be useful for the treatment of certain diseases. Further info can be found homoeopathie you see /… . Homeopathic therapist can learn the Sankaran method during the 4 days of Sankaran and at the 17th Sankaran seminar in Munich. For details on the homeopathy event page at Responsible for the press: Stefan Muller Gissler, textbook sales naturmed Tel.: +49(0)89-7499-156,. About the company: The shop was created from the former bookshop Muller & Steinicke 1995 naturmed. In contrast to the original Orthodox orientation, naturmed focuses today exclusively on alternative medical issues. The national and international product range from the fields, homeopathy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), 5 elements nutrition, qigong, physical therapy, naturopathic medicine and vaccination literature addressed to therapists, and interested lay people. Naturmed works as a classical shipping House and Congress Bookstore, has also a shop in Munich.