Sports and Muscle Spasms

Over 18 years of application of a technique in the simulator more than 5,000 people were freed from back pain. Serious sports require many hours of training. And as you know, the biggest load during training accounted for spine. A necessary condition for rationally organized training process is accurate dosing exercise and rest. Every athlete knows that a positive result should not only train but also during rest.

What does it mean when? It is time to remove residual stress from the body muscles is very important. Optimally, the first two hours after exercise. If you do not take action, then a habitual muscle spasm. In sports say – "muscle score. Not merely the muscles can relax yourself and worry permanently.

The proposed today sets of exercises, we see the same mechanisms of action are related to muscle tension throughout, at least 30 minutes. An important factor – time. For an athlete, every minute counts. After mastering the exercises from the technique of Sobolev length of sessions from 5 to 10 minutes. This is enough to relax the muscles in the back after any load at work or in sports, including extreme conditions. Sobolev technique on a simulator as opposed to the proposed today sets of exercises – a set of exercises to relax the muscles of the back as an affordable, simple and short on time. The complex can be performed independently. The technique is unique in that wherever there was an athlete in a hotel or at home, he can use the method on the simulator after any with minimal effort. Method is compatible with any health methods, and is characterized as "Quick recovery before, during and after gipernagruzok and individual prevention locomotor diseases. " It should be noted that this method does not replace full-scale exercise. It can be used as a hitch-warm-up before and after workouts. Author's technique is designed for children and adults, since the spine gets tired and those in others.