South Yakutia

This year, their funding almost halved and the priority given to the detailed framework of large-scale projects such as the "Ural Industrial – Polar Urals, the development of South Yakutia, the development of the Lower Angara. In accordance with the approved investment program for 2009, the total amount of funding capital investment will amount to 699.88 billion rubles. It should be noted that under the crisis almost all the companies with state participation in varying degrees, were forced to cut their development plans. Thus, the investment of state energy companies declined on average by 40%. Mosenergo to example, to allocate to development in 2009, no more than 16-19 billion rubles. against 37.2 billion rubles. in 2008.

And only the corporation, Gazprom does not seem to notice the crisis: the amount of capital financing for the current year amounted to 700 billion rubles. That 12% compared with the year 2008! Among implemented this natural monopoly investment project – a program of gasification of regions, develop new fields, installation of new gas pipelines, etc. In hoping for the consumer to the greatest degree of negative impact of unfavorable economic conditions experienced small-and medium-sized companies, as well as those of big businessmen who are not included in the public industrial and mining the "vertical". Unlike the giants, they are not the "backbone", and therefore can not rely on government support. However, due to an increase in interest rates and tightening the requirements for borrowers, they were readily available and bank loans. All this put the domestic business in an extremely difficult situation, often dashing plans.