Social Security

2.-There is inertia of the State, a lack of reflexes of class politics, lack a State concerning donations and transplants policy, only worked the Legal framework that finally is also a delayed copy of the Spanish legislation. 3.-The inertia of the State and its dependencies, is not free, could be due to the high costs that transplants mean, refers for example of one hundred thousand dollars for liver, 25 thousand dollars for kidney, in addition to the cost of maintenance for each Trasplantado of lifetime, which explains the current measures by which the Government would privatize Social Security and privatization through disposal of keep of to the transplant for lifedoing that they run with their expenses of survival, expenses that are onerous for most, if not all, the transplant, what represents an evil or a sentence of death for them that indeed no country in the world He performs it. 4.-This inertia real or malicious, favors the proliferation of traffickers in organs and the existence of black markets where people than wealthy could buy organs and save their lives, the State has responded dramatically penalizing this traffic of organs, which was an illicit act is now an offence against the law, but this is not enough conclusions could be facing an insensitivity of the class policythat does not feel the pain and the sorrow of hundreds of thousands of individuals and families who are linked to this problem. We could be facing a clumsy policy class that realizes this collective cry of people who go to the polls to choose, escapee, do not eat chickens, babas, intemperate and others. We could be against a State that is a victim of capitalism and a few rulers who have abdicated before the wild greed of neoliberalism that allocated trillions of dollars from the society to save broken companies and executives failed and refuses to fund massive education plans Information society to foster a culture of donation that will let us to resume the leadership lost in transplantation of organs in America perhaps natives of the Amazon or the Canchis peasants could help us maybe!