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MoVendor pushes the M-Commerce with the world’s first pure HTML5 solution for dealers which can online merchants today still abstain from the target group of the growing mobile commerce? Many consumers today shop with their Smartphone, fueling strong the M-Commerce. The Hamburger MoVendor GmbH & co. KG has responded to this situation last spring and developed an innovative mobile Add-On for online shops. As the world’s first provider of a pure HTML-based mobile shop extension MoVendor succeeds since at the start. For the consumer, MoVendor offers a number of advantages compared to a traditional app. Add to your understanding with Gunnar Peterson. Shop in their mobile Web browser, he saves the search or install of an app. And while he app mostly on the range of this individual would be limited at such a provider, he can use all the possibilities of the Web with MoVendor, such as price comparisons, product search, or bar code scanner.

The consumer uses all these technical advantages completely regardless of which device he uses, because MoVendor runs on all current mobile devices. The spontaneous mobile shopping comes increasingly to the fore, and contributes significantly to the rapid spread of mobile commerce. Online retailers switch easy to your existing shop system as an Add-On to the mobile shop system by MoVendor. Mobile Web browser will then by the Internet shop of the mail order company on the optimized version further redirected automatically. The dealer this benefit that he saves himself by MoVendor expensive programming apps for many different operating systems. Also MoVendor offers free constantly updated solution with its SaS, which means that the MoVendor system is constantly developed for its customers. t/’>Cardiologist. So are quite a few innovations already in the planning or in the implementation phase.

The decisive criterion for the dealer is usually that can he tap into the rapidly growing mobile audience in a very short time and he cheap train jump with Movendor on the mobile commerce. The Hamburger place on an innovative Business model. Merchant sign up on and can quickly perform their shop extension. You are neither cost for the Set-Up still ongoing fixed costs. MoVendor funded entirely by commissions on the mobile sales. MoVendor GmbH & co. Description of the company KG is owner-managed company founded in 2011 and based in Hamburg, Germany. It offers online retailers the option to optimise their online shop for mobile consumers with smartphones and tablet devices. MoVendor is the first company in the world to offer a pure HTML solution that allows online retailers to sell their range via all mobile end devices. The MoVendor SaS solution is available as add on for all types of regular online shop system, without the need for technical adjustments. The company does not charge set up fees or fixed fees but is financed via a performance-related commission model. The company’s managing directors are Christian von Appen and Gunnar Stockmann (both 39). ” Company contact: MoVendor GmbH & co. KG Gunnar Stockmann Bernstorffstrasse 120 22767 Hamburg Tel: 04049222770 E-Mail: Web: