Small Agricultural Producers

It emphasizes that, currently, the agricultural lots of the neighborhoods of the three original lots pass for an urbanization process, since they integrate, now, the Patrimonial Lgua of the City, informing that the INCRA and the Municipal City hall of Uruar come developing the works of landmark of the Patrimonial Lgua, fitting to the City hall to define the tracing of the streets and the general destination of the urban space of Uruar, therefore the City still is constituted only by the district-headquarters, without the definition of subordination and relevancy of the great amount of farms, small farms and patrimonies that they integrate the city. For some inhabitants, Uruar not only must its current development to the public rendering of services, but also, thanks to the performance of the popular organizations. Some administrative resolutions had had the participation of Associations and Cooperatives. They had been cited for the inhabitants: the Advice of Communitarian Development of Uruar (CODECUR-22/11/1982); the Congress of the Agriculturists of Transamaznica (CATA-1983); the Association of the Educators of Uruar (ASSEDUR-04/07/1985); the Association of the Cacauicultures and Pipericultores de Uruar (ACAPU); the Association of Small Agricultural Producers of Uruar (APPRU-1993). Other Entities, Programs and Projects, the majority proceeding from Public Politics, if make gift in the city. Currently, the mayor of Uruar counts on the administrative support of its Secretariats and agencies of public services with its respective responsible secretaries and, such as: City department of the Administration: Edson Blacksmith Hisses; City department of the Education: Manoel Ribeiro de Castro; City department of Agriculture: Ciro Nicolodi; City department of the Environment: Jose Baptist of Rasp; City department of the Social Assistance: Denise Rodrigues Brando Pepper; Secretariat Municipal theatre of Means of transportation and Workmanships: Jaci Pear tree Da Silva; City department of Health: Patrician Suraia Ordones; Municipal hospital of Uruar: Gerezinho Maciel de Moura; Cabinet of the City hall: Samuel Walnut Dos Santos; Municipal treasure-house: Neire Isabel; Department of Staff: Marizete Debiasi; Sector of Taxation: Alencar Verssimo Pithan; ASCOM /SEMED: Rosana dawn Passion; Accounting: Elsimar Nicolodi Soares Hisses; ASCOM: Samuel & Jnior; Internal control: Pink Jayme Dos Santos Jnior (Source: Official vestibule of the City hall of Uruar).