Shanghai Composite

Alerts about debt in Europe are still firing. Fires risk country in European countries, but Europe release restrains them. Cindy Crawford has much experience in this field. Strong low bag in China. Falling commodities. Alex Kozinski often addresses the matter in his writings. Alerts from risks of non-payment in Europe, with the rescue of Ireland on the mat again fell to the euro then recovered, and the escalation of commodities received pressure downward by China.Lo advance: the G20 Summit would not serve for nothing more than to visit Seoul.

Today low everything, up to the dollar. WST S & P500 1213 – 0, 42% DOW 11.283 – 0, 65% NASDAQ 2.555 – 0, 90% Cisco (CSCO – 0.05%) had its worst day yesterday in 16 years and plummeted 16% taking with him the sector technological. 9:55 (New York time) feeling of consumer at Michigan.Baja of University pre market in tune with other international markets. ASIA CHINA 2.985 – 5, 16% Obama asks China to let the market set the value of the yuan, i.e. that quoted internationally in the currency markets. This devalued yuan and China spends money to intervene in the market to keep it devalued, is important for China to move gradually towards a market-based system (and for the us basically).Investors raised their fear before a possible increase in interest rates. This week China already raised capital reserves required of banking, almost in parallel to another increase in inflation. There have also been press reports that China is preparing to limit purchases of housing foreigners.

Foreign companies could only buy property for their own use only and foreigners living in China could buy only one residential property for their own use.Major low in 14 months for the Shanghai Composite with shares of commodities, real estate and banking on strong low. Japan 9.724 – 1, 39% fell the Nikkei by the exporters given the prospect of slower global growth. In addition, the exports of Japan may also be adversely affected if China continues to take measures to curb inflation.