Section Box Fitness

Boxing is one of the most popular and spectator sports. It is a vivid, exciting, dynamic process and hot! It promotes the development of endurance, coordination, destroys the fear and uncertainty self-confidence. He brings in a person character, will power, poise. It is no coincidence in boxing today more and more people are paying attention. Because all of us desire to an excellent physical and fit. Not be discounted as the fact that boxing is now available to anyone interested.

Our section is intended for any boxing comers, regardless of their level of fitness. We can guarantee that after a few months of regular training in boxing every student will be able to rebuff the enemy not only in the ring, but in a street fight. In our section of boxing practiced only most effective teaching methods aimed at obtaining a guaranteed result. (Similarly see: Luiz Lopes Brookfield). Qualified coaches are paying attention to anyone who is engaged in the section. Accounts for all: your ability, physical fitness, personal goals for the achievement of which you came to our sports club. We have a special hall for lessons.

Since our section on boxing is intended for children under the age of 18 years, classes begin at 16:00 and end at 18:00. Our experienced trainers are able to teach not only technical and tactical components of skill, but also spend a great job related to your mental preparation. So way in the classroom in the section box, you get not only an opportunity to improve your mood, lose the negative energy, but also to develop their physical abilities. The increase in overall health, functional abilities of the body, promoting health and strength qualities – is not these traits you are trying to develop a lifetime?