Same Return

The amount of curious ghosts, circulating in return of its body, as if each one it waited its time to try to take ownership of the same, followed increasing. It, however, did not feel more fear. She did not obtain to understand as she could be in two places at the same time e, of certain form, even so understood partially what it was transferred, did not import more in losing its body forever. Perhaps he was therefore that it did not obtain to leave that position, floating in the same place, while it attended the scene If its body was, at last, demanded, its spirit would be free? Any that was the case, was felt confused, scared, but now it felt certain peace interior. The fear, the terror that the situation in the giant wheel had caused to it, already had passed. Transcorreram plus some moments in that situation of etrea suspension. Suddenly, it felt a great poke in its feet, as it had been attracted by a vacuum.

At the following moment, it was in return to its body. Immediately it opened the eyes and it started to speak without stopping, any word that appeared in its mind, exactly that immediately did not obtain to form phrases with direction. It perceived that it was in return. Its mind came back to function She was still confused, not wise person to the certainty what it had happened, what was reality, what it was dream, what fantasiou, what it lived deeply. Everything joined. But now it was in return, the body was its again, already it had control of itself, wise person as to proceed, she knew its world. Great it was the relief of the friends in knowing that the appositive one had given certain, that it recovers.