Roofs Extrusion

Organization of production of mineral or basalt wool – several times costly than the organization of production of thermal insulation extruded polystyrene, and besides, by the summer of 2006 for insulation materials market was a huge shortage of extrusion, to which the market reacted immediately. During the period 2006 – 2007 year in Russia was opened more than 25 plants production of extruded polystyrene insulation. The total volume of production capacity of the extrusion in Russia exceeded the need for this kind of material – and prices fell, started a tough competition for consumer. First to "feel" for his development of the extrusion market in Russia – foreign manufacturers, who were the first suppliers of this material in Russia, they have supplied material to our country with their factories located abroad. Foreign manufacturers have announced their intentions to build plants in Russia, as import material from abroad affects the price and conditions of supply of material – delivery of far, customs duties, goods had to wait a long time.

As a result of intense competition between manufacturers, the price of extrusion in Russia in the summer of 2007 fell to 4000-5000 rubles per cubic meter. Manufacturers and vendors extruded insulation materials have rushed to the roof, started to move material for use in roofing cakes (systems). On the roofs began replacing insulation materials, cotton began change in the extrusion of many parameters: thermal insulation of extruded polystyrene is much easier – less load on the building, extrusion of 30 kg / cubic meter to 50 kg / cubic meter.