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The guest is given in this way the possibility of substantial parts of the Preparation process and the cooking process to watch, as it also traditionally is used in Japan for centuries. Basically, the professional front cooking requires a special kitchen device that requires a very special Wrasen suction technology in addition to the public display of all dishes and ingredients. This is elementary important, because the ingredients to be processed must be prepared before the start of the front cooking for the timely processing before the eyes of the guest. Enabling wellbeing”is the magic word Halton foodservice, is the company that defines the quality of indoor air in kitchens with functional solutions for years. The innovative equipment for the optimal air in kitchens from Halton foodservice ensure a pleasant indoor climate cost effective. Halton foodservice specializes in the optimization of indoor climate of all kitchen facilities. Halton’s climate applications range from public and commercial buildings for the industrial, institutional kitchens and restaurants.

Halton is also one of the most popular solutions for marine and offshore applications. Areas of expertise and product ranges include air distribution, air flow management, fire protection, ventilation air cleaning, kitchen and indoor environmental management. The patented capture JetTM hoods have the new generation of the patented capture JetTM covers three capture JetsTM, which prevent the penetration of pollutants and excess heat into your workspace and provide a more productive working environment. Energy consumption and operating costs are lower due to lower air flow rates. The horizontal, vertical and side jets have the aerodynamic design of the new capture JetTM generation and provide a better performance in the key areas. The exhaust air volume flow is same heat loss 30% lower than with a conventional Kuchenluftungs system. The integrated air inlet screen leads the supply air with approx.

0.2 tm / s draught-free in the kitchen area and thus ensures a better indoor air quality at minimal cost. Supply air nozzles reduce the effect of the heat radiation of the cooking equipment and skills as needed individually adjusted. The capture of JetTM series is a comprehensive solution that can be combined easily with the Halton plants to limit emissions (capture Ray UV-C grease separator Pollustop and air pollution control), automatic cleaning systems, supply lines and a complete fire protection system. In addition, ensures the new design of the capture JetTM hoods better hygiene and maintenance and cleaning easier. Together, these features provide for environmental protection in the hospitality industry and a high efficiency. Last but not least, better kitchens performance brings an improvement of productivity. Lower staff turnover and less sick days by a pleasantly designed workplace are now proven facts. ZAROnews author: Robert Zach ham Lake 7 6330 Kufstein/Tirol / Austria